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There are few things more destructive than inflation.

The economic pain is the most obvious. Inflation eats away at our paychecks and savings, hurting those who have the hardest time getting by and creating chaotic uncertainty for business owners trying to plan for the future.

It is the ultimate kitchen table issue, with rising prices for food, fuel, and daily necessities being the cost we bear for the reckless behavior of governments and central banks. The Mises Institute has long been at the forefront of the intellectual battle against the arbiters of inflation, and with your support, we will continue to be an uncompromising opponent of an intellectual environment that provides cover for this particularly sinister group.

Perhaps even more important than the economic costs of inflation is the secondary damage it does. Inflation doesn’t only make us poorer, it harms our culture, our mental well-being, and the moral foundations of civilization itself.

There is no more powerful voice against the true costs of inflation than Guido Hülsmann.

Internationally recognized as one of the brightest Austrian economists of our age and the biographer of Ludwig von Mises, Dr. Hülsmann has long warned of the devastating cultural consequences of fiat money. With your donation of $5 or more, you can get his latest publication, How Inflation Destroys Civilization.

In How Inflation Destroys Civilization, Dr. Hülsmann’s piercing analysis highlights the true tragedy of our inflationary regime in a way few others can.

After all, inflation isn’t simply a stealth tax on the average American. It funds the worst aspects of the current regime. It’s the lifeblood of both the war machine abroad and the growing police state at home. In its wake, it leaves a society that rewards self-destructive short-term behavior and does so at the expense of those who sacrifice to be responsible in their daily lives.

Inflation robs us materially, morally, and spiritually.

With your donation today, you will receive a copy of How Inflation Destroys Civilization. Not only will this be a great addition to your library, but it makes a great introduction to the unique insights of the Austrian school for family and friends who have been feeling the effects of fiat money over the past year.

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