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Starlink announces 1TB monthly cap, users who go over will get slower speeds

Enlarge / The new version of Dishy McFlatface. (credit: Starlink)

Starlink is imposing new data-usage limits on its Internet customers, slowing speeds after a customer uses 1TB in any given month unless they pay extra. While the new data limits are in some ways more forgiving than Comcast’s data cap, the change may be concerning to Starlink users who have already seen slower speeds in recent months.

“To ensure our customer base is not negatively impacted by a small number of users consuming unusually high amounts of data, the Starlink team is implementing a Fair Use policy for Residential customers in the US and Canada and all Business/Maritime customers beginning December 2022,” an FAQ says.

Under Starlink’s fair use policy, residential customers will get 1TB of “priority access data” each month. After using 1TB, customers can keep accessing the Internet at slower speeds or pay $0.25 per gigabyte for “additional priority access.” Starlink sent emails to customers notifying them of the new policy late last week. The residential service’s base price is $110 per month.

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